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Wazuh - Improve your company's cybersecurity with a SIEM / XDR

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We are pleased to offer you Wazuh in a little more detail. This comprehensive SIEM solution including XDR enables you to optimise your company's cybersecurity and protect your infrastructure from threats. You will find our recommendations at the end of this article.

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Wazuh fulfils four crucial points in the area of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). The solution collects and analyses log data from various endpoints such as computers, network devices, cloud endpoints and applications in order to Recognise weak points and secure your infrastructure. The Wazuh agent, which is installed on the endpoints, monitors your systems for vulnerabilities and enables a rapid response to minimise the attack surface. The function SCA (Security Configuration Assessment) identifies misconfigurations and security gaps in your infrastructure, based on the benchmarks of the CIS (Centre for Internet Security). In addition, the Compliance function to comply with and review various legal guidelines.

Wazuh functions

Wazuh offers Real-time alerts and notifications for security incidents. It displays event correlations, integrates threat intelligence feeds and provides customisable dashboards, alerts and reports. This allows you to respond quickly to threats and minimise the impact of security incidents. The Analyses from Wazuh support you in demonstrating compliance with various regulations and standards.

In the area of the XDR (Extended Detection and Response), Wazuh fulfils five important points. The Threat hunting function reduces the time required to analyse telemetry data and gains insights into attacks using the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The collection of threat data from third-party providers further expands the threat search. The Behavioural analysis detects threats based on unusual behaviour patterns and enables a rapid response. The Automatic response threat detection helps you minimise the potential impact on your infrastructure by using built-in or custom actions.

Integration into the Protection of cloud workloads helps you to secure containers and endpoints in the cloud. The use of Threat information is critical to staying on top of current and potential threats. Wazuh offers the ability to integrate with various threat intelligence sources, including open source intelligence (OSINT), commercial feeds and user-supplied data. Through this integration, current threat intelligence can be continuously retrieved and analysed to protect your business from new attacks.

  1. Safety information and incident management
  2. Evaluation of the security configurations
  3. Benchmark for comparisons
  4. Association of organisations to provide resources on the topic of Internet security
  5. Delivery of constantly updated information on threats
  6. Advanced detection and response
  7. Guidelines for classifying and describing cyber attacks and attackers

The comprehensive use of threat intelligence enables Wazuh to proactively respond to changing cyber threats. By continuously analysing and evaluating this data, Wazuh can automatically detect anomalies, identify suspicious activity and provide rapid alerts. This means you are better equipped to optimise your security strategies and continuously protect your company infrastructure.

Wazuh XDR functions

Additional information

  • The Wazuh agent can be installed on the most common operating systems.
  • Wazuh can be expanded by integrating third-party solutions.
  • As an open source XDR platform, Wazuh can be customised to meet specific requirements.
  • Native and hybrid cloud environments, including container infrastructures, can be protected.


  • Wazuh's behavioural analyses monitor data integrity, network traffic, user behaviour and anomalies in system performance metrics.
  • The integration of OSINT enables access to publicly available threat data from various sources. Commercial feeds from reputable security vendors provide additional information on current threats and attack patterns. By integrating user-supplied data, internal security knowledge and specific threats tailored to your corporate environment can be taken into account. If you decide in favour of this solution, we will be happy to support you in setting it up and will look after the systems for you in the long term. Our experts are at your side to continuously improve your cybersecurity measures and protect your company from the ever-growing threats. Contact us today to find out more about Wazuh and its benefits.

About Swissmakers Service

We plan and configure suitable SIEM solutions for you. We mainly rely on products from Elasticof which we are also a partner, but we can also provide support with Wazuh. We operate the systems where required (cloud/on-prem) and offer you our expertise.
You can also find more information about Elastic in our Blog post.

Our Recommendation regarding product choice for SIEM is as follows:
- For large companies (more than 50 employees) and operators of critical infrastructures, we recommend the solutions from Elastic, as Elastic works with many large tech companies and there are various integrations for this.
- For smaller companies (less than 50 employees) there is also the option of using Wazuh. Wazuh can be used to improve security on a simple scale.

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