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Setting up a private cloud

Control over your data

Our private cloud based on Nextcloud

A private cloud, set up by Swissmakers on your own infrastructure, offers you numerous advantages:

  • Integration of LDAP and Two-Factor possible
  • Hosting and setup on your own server
  • Almost limitless expandability with Nextcloud apps
  • Hardening of your cloud system included
  • Patching / maintenance contracts according to customer requirements
  • Compliance with data protection law is simplified

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is the leading Open source platform for the secure management of data and documents. The platform offers a Wide range of functionsthat enable companies and private individuals to manage their data securely, conveniently and effectively. We have been relying on Nextcloud for several years and can therefore, with a great deal of experience, work together with our customers to develop the best possible solution for your data management build up.

A Correct and secure deployment should not be neglected. We therefore recommend installing the Nextcloud server on Rocky Linux 9 with a hardened firewall and a clean SELinux implementation. In addition to the high-performance PHP-FPM, a local Redis cache should also be installed to get the maximum performance out of your cloud.

Data protection and the cloud

Since September 2023 is the new Swiss Data Protection Act in force. The use of a public cloud poses major challenges for companies, and private clouds on external infrastructure also have data protection hurdles. Currently, a on-prem private cloud the best solution to comply with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) and other data protection laws such as the GDPR. This is the only way for companies to retain complete control over their data and implement requirements specifically in accordance with the DPA.

Read more about this in the Blogpost on DSG and cloud.


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User Interface

Secure access via browser - anytime and anywhere

The Nextcloud user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. It enables users to access their data quickly and easily, regardless of their location or end device. You can upload, edit and share documents with just a few clicks. The platform also offers a variety of apps that can be used to individually expand or customise the functions within the cloud. See here for an overview. There are also Nextcloud client tools for smartphones and notebooks to integrate your data directly into Explorer. (Similar to OneDrive / Dropbox)

Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and macOS

The Nextcloud apps for smartphones and notebooks offer seamless integration with the platform. They allow users to access their data from anywhere and at any time. With the Nextcloud app, for example, you can take photos on your smartphone and upload them directly to your private data cloud as a backup. With the Nextcloud notebook client, you can automatically synchronise files with your notebook and also edit them while you are offline. As soon as you are back online, all changes are automatically synchronised to the cloud.

What is your added value?

Use case: SMEs

A private cloud with Nextcloud offers SMEs the opportunity to store sensitive company data in a secure and fully controlled environment, ensuring data protection and security.


Increase productivity on any platform, whether in the office or on the move. Share, communicate and collaborate across organisational boundaries.


Protect, control and monitor data and communication in your organisation. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. Keep your data on servers that belong to you at all times. There are no data leaks, not even metadata. You can decide who can access which data and which functions are available to which employees. This helps to increase security and prevent data theft.

Home Office

The cloud solution makes working from home easier. Employees can access their data and complete their tasks from home. They can communicate with other team members in real time, enabling them to collaborate effectively even over long distances. Why Nextcloud is one of the best home office platforms: Home office video.

Use case: School

Nextcloud offers schools the opportunity to provide a secure and flexible platform for collaboration and easy access to teaching materials, improving teacher-student communication and the learning process.

Simple organisation

Teachers can store their knowledge and topics as well as tests and projects centrally. Class-based accounts can also be created for learners to share data or tasks. Integrated scheduling helps to find appointments that are always visible in the various calendars. 


With the private cloud, every learner can now submit completed assignments quickly and easily from home. This can be done either by uploading them to the class share or to a special upload folder.

Support all the way home

If questions or problems arise, the class or even just individual students and teachers can meet in the integrated Talk app and communicate together in a protected, private and encrypted manner.

Use Case: Practice

Nextcloud enables medical practices to securely manage patient records and efficiently share medical data, optimising patient care and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Data security / control

Patient data must be stored securely and must not fall into the wrong hands. From a security perspective, it is therefore advisable to always use your own hardware and systems for storage. By using our private cloud, practices can increase the security of their data and protect themselves against data theft. We install the private cloud on the existing practice infrastructure as required.

Patient platform

Would you like to send prescriptions or medical certificates to patients as easily as possible? With the private cloud, you can send them easily and conveniently via a link directly from the cloud. Patients can also upload and store their data directly in a specially encrypted directory via a link generated by you.

Organisation and planning

Shift times or patient appointments can be recorded directly in the cloud calendar. The cloud also facilitates collaboration between practice staff. They can also communicate in encrypted form in real time and exchange important information. This allows staff to work faster and more effectively and improve patient care.


To operate Nextcloud, you first need a server or a data centre environment on which you can install Nextcloud. This server should have the Minimum system requirements for Nextcloud, including sufficient CPU, RAM and storage resources. You will also need a stable internet connection, a domain or IP address to access your Nextcloud instance, and knowledge of server administration to carry out the installation and configuration. (We will be happy to take care of the latter for you).

The private cloud solution is more cost-effective compared to CaaS (Cloud as a Service) as it allows you to operate your own infrastructure without the fees and variable costs of an external cloud provider. With our private cloud, you retain control of your resources, reduce operating costs and minimise long-term dependencies, while still benefiting from the advantages of a flexible and secure cloud. (The server is under your control.)

The Private Cloud service offers you proven best practices, personalised advice and ongoing support. We are at your side to configure and customise your private cloud according to the best standards. In addition, we provide training and guidance for your own employees so that you have full control over your cloud infrastructure and can utilise it efficiently. (The server is under your control.)

We implement the private cloud solution with comprehensive security measures, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, access controls, firewall protection and regular security audits. We use best practices to ensure the integrity of your data.

Yes, the private cloud solution is extremely flexible and can be customised to your company's specific requirements. We offer customised configurations and support individual adjustments to ensure that the cloud is optimally tailored to your needs.

Swissmakers offers personalised support and training for the private cloud. Our team of experts is on hand to help you with configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting. We also offer training courses to teach your employees how to use the cloud infrastructure efficiently.

The private cloud solution is scalable within the scope of your possibilities (IT infrastructure) and can therefore be adapted to the growing requirements of your company. We offer support and options to expand resources and increase performance when necessary to ensure that your cloud infrastructure always meets current requirements.

Yes, the private cloud solution can be configured to fulfil industry-specific compliance requirements. We support you in the implementation of security and data protection standards to ensure that your cloud complies with the relevant regulations.

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