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Real-time monitoring SIEM

Your customised SIEM with Elasticsearch

With our SIEM system, you can significantly improve the security of your company:

  • Real-time monitoring of all your logs and services with integrated alarming
  • Automatic detection of vulnerabilities in your Active Directory
  • Cloud monitoring from M365, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Confluence Cloud
  • Monitor your DNS, firewall or even the entire company network with NetFlow
  • Threat Intelligence: Integration of Abuse.ch, MISP or AlienVault Open Threat Exchange
  • Scalable and powerful environment with data visualisation


As a company, you have to be aware of the fact that Cyber threats in this day and age omnipresent are. Organisations of all sizes are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals who want to steal or damage their data, systems and customer information. To protect your corporate IT from these threats, you need an effective solution that provides visibility - this is where SIEM systems come into play.


SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. The aim of a SIEM is to be able to react as quickly and precisely as possible to threats or specific log messages/events. This gives IT managers a powerful tool that enables them to react immediately and not just when it is basically already too late. To this end, SIEM systems attempt to make attacks or attack vectors visible in real time by collecting logs from a central location across the company, analysing them automatically and issuing alerts.

The following components are often integrated as information sources for a SIEM:

  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Active Directory, Domain Controller
  • Firewalls, proxies
  • Routers, switches
  • Logstash

You can find an overview of all integrations here.

The Elastic Agents are also recommended. They are autonomous computer programmes that have been specially designed for the pre-sorting and transmission of specific log data. These include the following:

In the SIEM system (Elasticsearch), the information is then stored by the agents in a structured manner and also brought into relation to each other. Together with our approx. 900 predefined starter security rules, this forms the basis for constant and automatic analysis of your logs. Vendor-specific rules can also be modified, created or imported. All data from the complete SIEM can also be viewed and manually searched at any time by authorised persons via Kibana (webUI).


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Our solutions

ELK setup

approx. 5 person days

Scoping & sizing of the environment

Concept & project planning

Configuration of the Linux server

Installation Elasticsearch cluster

Creation of lifecycle policies

Installation of Logstash and Kibana

SELinux-Security hardening of the platform

Documentation and acceptance (optional training)

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Starter SIEM

approx. 8 - 10 person days

ELK setup

Setting up the recommended Top 1000 Detection Rules

Deployment of a Fleet Server

Extend Kibana redundantly as an HA construct

Integration of threat intelligence data

Monitoring the Active Directory server

Configuration of incident alerting to your security team

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Standard SIEM

approx. 12 - 15 person days

Starter SIEM

Deployment of all detection rules

Configuration of Logstash with GeoIP

Create custom input rules

Integration of Filebeat & other beats

Perimeter firewall integration

Template creation for monitoring all Windows systems (server / clients) of your company

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Our expertise - your SIEM

SOC-lite Service

SIEM needed, but no resources available? Our SOC-lite service relieves you by professionally maintaining and monitoring your SIEM environment. We ensure that alarms are analysed effectively and provide you with targeted support in the event of security-relevant incidents. Leave the technical expertise to us while you concentrate on your core business.

  • Standard SIEM
  • Evaluation of alarms
  • Whitelisting of false positives
  • Maintenance and update of the detection rules
  • Rule customising / adaptation to company
  • Advice and support in the event of incidents
  • Regular patching and maintenance of the platform
  • Monitoring the Elasticsearch Cluster Health
  • 4h/month included for custom engineering

The Kibana user interface

SIEM data

Search quickly and easily like on Google

Searching in Kibana (UI of Elasticsearch) is done by a simple full-text search, by clicking together the desired data fields in relation to something or a specific time or, most simply, by writing KQL (Kibana Query Language) search queries. These types of queries are very precise and easy to learn. This gives you a complete overview of your entire IT, your servers and clients, with maximum accuracy and flexibility.

SIEM dashboard

Meaningful charts and analyses

Kibana's informative charts and analysis elements offer a wide range of visualisation options when creating your own overview boards. Dashboards such as the one above for a reverse proxy make it possible to quickly and easily track, interpret and analyse connections, security breaches and access on a geo-based basis. This allows you to make quick and reliable reactive decisions.

Added value for your company?

A SIEM system offers you numerous advantages. Firstly, you can actively create a complete overview of all your company's technical assets in real time. Secondly, the system actively helps to minimise the risks of undetected cyberattacks and identify potential security vulnerabilities at an early stage before they can be exploited.

By continuously evaluating all logs, you can protect your data and systems against unauthorised data theft and detect malware or unauthorised processes as soon as they are started. SIEM systems also help to fulfil compliance requirements and automatically secure evidence and activity of all IT processes in the company.

SIEM made to measure

Our SIEM systems are designed to be easily customisable for companies of all sizes and industries. We offer you 10 years of expertise in customised solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer.

In addition to SIEM engineering, we also offer training and support to ensure that you, our customers, can utilise the full potential of your SIEM system.


In short, if you want to protect your company's IT efficiently and securely and also create visibility across all systems, a SIEM system is an indispensable tool.

Our team of experienced security experts and engineers are ready to help you find and install the right SIEM system for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our SIEM solutions and how we can help you protect your data and systems from cyber threats.


  • Real-time monitoring: You can recognise and respond to security incidents in real time.
  • Centralised data storage: All security-relevant data is stored in a central database and is easily accessible.
  • Advanced analysis: You can perform complex queries and analyses to identify threats.
  • User-friendly interface: Kibana offers a user-friendly interface for visualising safety data.
  • Scalability: The solution can be scaled as needed to fulfil growing requirements.

A SIEM can monitor a wide range of data sources, including

  • Server and system protocols
  • Network protocols
  • Application protocols
  • Security event logs (e.g. firewalls, IDS/IPS)
  • Cloud service protocols
  • User activity logs

See also under Elastic Integrations | Elastic.

The integration of data from various sources enables comprehensive security monitoring.

Data is correlated in the SIEM using complex search queries and rules. The solution analyses the collected data and identifies patterns and anomalies that may indicate security incidents. User-defined rules can be created to recognise specific threats and trigger alerts.

Yes, the SIEM can be configured to fulfil data protection regulations and compliance requirements. You can store and analyse log data and generate reports to ensure that your organisation adheres to the required compliance standards and meets data protection requirements.

Swissmakers offers comprehensive support and training for SIEM. Our team of experts will assist you with implementation, configuration and maintenance. We also offer training courses to teach your employees how to use the SIEM solution and perform security-related tasks.

Yes, it is possible to outsource the management of your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to an external SOC (Security Operations Centre). An external SOC can monitor and analyse your security data in real time, identify security incidents and respond to them. This can be particularly useful if your organisation does not have the resources or expertise to carry out effective SIEM monitoring in-house. Working with an external SOC allows you to focus on your core business while experts take care of security monitoring. However, it is important to ensure that the agreement includes clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs) and data protection agreements to ensure the security of your data.

With the SOC-lite service, Swissmakers GmbH takes over a large part of the management of your SIEM so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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