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Need for action: Cybersecurity at Swiss SMEs

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In today's digital world Cybersecurity for companies, especially for Swiss SMEs, from crucial importance. Unfortunately, there is still a considerable deficit in this area. Backlog demandwhich should not be neglected. Many companies find it difficult to implement basic security measures and to keep the Awareness of cyber threats is often poor. Phishing attacks and poorly configured password policies are not uncommon and many SMEs even neglect to back up their data properly.

Threats to cybersecurity for Swiss SMEs

Particularly in the area of Employee training there is urgent need for action. From an IT perspective, your own employees represent a major security risk, but with targeted training they can also become one of the company's best lines of defence. A well-trained employee can help the company in all aspects of cybersecurity. With the ever-increasing threats from tools such as ChatGPT, Bard and similar technologies, it is essential that Employees as the "last resort of the defence" are well informed.

In addition to training courses Well-configured software and hardware solutions for backups and security policies essential to minimise the risk of data loss and attacks. Companies should rely on proven solutions here to take a further step towards an improved security structure.

Another important improvement in the area of cybersecurity is the Implementation of a SIEM solution (Security Information and Event Management) in combination with with XDR (Extended Detection and Response) and configured patch management (e.g. Ansible). Such a solution enables Comprehensive monitoring of all systems and helps to recognise threats at an early stage and respond to them efficiently. It is pleasing that there are now also low-cost solutions that are affordable for SMEs and can offer enormous added value.

Stay tuned as we will soon be publishing another blog post dealing in detail with SIEM solutions, XDR and the important topic of patch management. We would like to support youto continuously improve your cybersecurity measures and protect your company from the threats of the digital world.

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Specialisation in IT systems, infrastructures and networks, as well as expertise in the areas of Linux and security. My activities include the holistic support and optimisation of information technologies, with a particular focus on security aspects.

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