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Network protection with KEMP Reverse Proxy

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In today's digital age, where organisations are increasingly dependent on web-based applications, the Network protection is becoming increasingly important. A proven solution that helps companies to effectively protect their web applications while optimising performance is the KEMP Reverse Proxy. In this article we will analyse the Advantages of a KEMP reverse proxy and explain a Comparison to Nginx to show.

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Kemp Technologies

Kemp Technologies is the manufacturer of the Kemp Proxy, a leading product in the field of Load Balancing. The company was founded in the early 2000s and quickly established itself as an innovative service provider in the IT infrastructure sector.

The product

The Kemp LoadMastercommonly known as Kemp Proxy, is a sophisticated load balancing solution designed for the efficient handling of Web traffic via multiple servers. Kemp LoadMaster impresses with its advanced functions in the areas of load balancing, security, performance and User friendliness in the administration.

Advantages of a KEMP reverse proxy

  1. Security: A KEMP reverse proxy serves as a protective shield between the public Internet and the internal web servers. It takes on the task of checking and filtering incoming requests and checking them for possible threats before they are forwarded to the internal servers. Through the use of various security mechanisms such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and DDoS protection the reverse proxy offers a high level of security for your web applications.
  2. Load balancing and scalability: A KEMP reverse proxy distributes incoming requests evenly across several internal web servers. This distributes the load efficiently, avoids bottlenecks and improves the availability of the applications. In addition, the reverse proxy enables simple Scaling the infrastructureby seamlessly adding new servers to the pool and automatically distributing the data traffic to them.
  3. Increased performance: By using a KEMP reverse proxy, you can optimise the performance of your web applications. The reverse proxy Buffers static content like pictures, CSS files and JavaScript and delivers them to the clients from its own cache. This reduces the latency time and reduces the load on your internal servers, resulting in an overall better user experience.
  4. SSL termination: The KEMP Reverse Proxy can also perform SSL encryption and decryption, reducing the load on internal servers. The reverse proxy takes over the entire SSL handshake with the clients and forwards unencrypted requests to the internal servers. This reduces the load on the servers used, as SSL encryption no longer has to be performed on them.

Kemp proxy or Nginx?

The choice between Kemp proxy or Nginx depends on the specific requirements and resources of your organisation. Kemp-Proxy offers a specialised, user-friendly solution for load balancing with a strong focus on Security and reliability. Nginx, on the other hand, is a flexible, versatile and high-performance option that is particularly suitable for managing web content and as a web server.

Feature/criterionKemp proxyNginx
Primary focusLoad balancingWeb server & load balancing
Load balancing capabilitiesAdvanced Layer 4/7Basic to Moderate
Security featuresComprehensiveBasic with extensions
Performance optimisationYesYes, especially with static content
User friendlinessVery user-friendlyRequires technical expertise
CostsHigher, for medium to large companiesCost-efficient for small projects
*Please note that the features and specifications of Kemp LoadMaster and Nginx listed in this comparison table are current at the time of publication of this article. However, it is possible that these features and functions may change in the future, as both Kemp Technologies and Nginx are continuously working to improve and customise their products. We recommend that you check directly with the providers for the latest updates and versions.

A first insight

To give you a practical insight into the functionality and user-friendliness of the Kemp LoadMaster, we would like to refer you to a helpful video.

LoadMaster Demonstration 101

In this Video you will find a detailed demonstration of the Kemp LoadMaster web user interface (WUI). The demo guides you through the various functions and setting options, shows you how to optimise the performance of your network environment and gives you a comprehensive overview of the intuitive management tools.


The use of a KEMP Reverse Proxies offers companies a wide range of benefits, including improved Security, load balancing, performance enhancement and SSL termination. The rough setup includes selecting the right hardware or software solution, configuring the reverse proxy and the internal servers, as well as Extensive testing and monitoring. Swissmakersas a leading provider of IT services, can help you implement a KEMP reverse proxy and ensure that your web applications are optimally secured and perform well.

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